Feb 20, 2021

Small changes in our day-to-day life can achieve big positive changes in our well-being and the health of our hair.February is always a good time to reflect on your grooming habits.If you are looking to give your hair a boost in 2021, then from Olistic we propose 6 changes that you can adopt to have healthier hair.Cheer up!

  1. Nutrition: we are what we eat, our hair too

Did you know that the main component of hair is protein?Specifically, keratin, which is the protein that is found naturally in the hair, being the most important part of the hair structure.

Inadequate levels of proteins can contribute to the degradation of their structures.

By introducing more protein to your diet, you provide a natural source of keratin formation.

  1. Stress: bad for everything, also for your hair

We cannot control many of the external events that happen to us, instead the meaning we give to them depends entirely on us, we have control of our stress, a fundamental factor in hair loss!

Stress can be caused mainly by factors related to work, personal relationships and physical problems, but it is when it becomes chronic that it begins to have the most negative effects on hair growth and health.

  1. Oxidation: external attacks that harm your hair health

Current living conditions favor an environment with oxidizing and toxic ingredients in our day to day life.From pesticides in food, metals in unfiltered water or large sea fish to parabens in plastics and cosmetics, these are just a few examples.

Instead, it is our choice to take action by reducing your consumption towards a life that prioritizes the use of organic and natural products.The health of our hair and ours in general will appreciate it!

  1. Chronic inflammation: the “invisible” inflammation that causes you to lose hair

Every time we eat more inflammatory foods such as sugars or refined carbohydrates, or we drink too much coffee or alcohol, this inflation is accentuated in the hair follicle, producing a minuteization of it and its subsequent fall.

Introduce natural anti-inflammatory foods in your diet such as turmeric or omega 3 or green leafy vegetables, which alkalize your PH levels in the blood and thus improve your levels of inflammation in the follicle

  1. Aging: we gain experience, we lose hair

Aging is a reality in life, having a young and healthy appearance is possible.

Aging causes many changes in your body.Your hair is a part of the body that is not saved from this process.With the natural aging process, your hair begins to thin and fall out.

Normally, hair that falls out is replaced with new, however, as you age, this happens less and less.

As you get older and lose your hair density, quantity, and quality, it's not a bad idea to cut your hair a little shorter.Taking nutraceuticals that incorporate antiaging solutions can also help.

Healthy hair is a reflection of the general state of health.

6) Hormonal fluctuations: How can I know the impact hormonal changes have on my hair?

In both men and women with age, hormonal fluctuations accentuate hair loss.

An excess or lack of certain hormones can alter your body physically and mentally, so achieving their balance will be key to both your health and your hair.

A test of hormonal concentrations can be of great help to know the stage in which you are and act accordingly.

Olistic products is a greathair loss treatmentor both for men or women that protects and cares for your hair.

Feb 20, 2021