“The hair secret of the 'fashion insiders' of Paris Fashion Week”

"Your hair grows stronger, healthier and more natural. It also improves your skin and nails."

Best 'start-up brand' prizewinner and nominee in the 'best online cosmetic brand' category. July, 2023.

"Olistic is a favorite treatment among those suffering from hair loss."

Winner of the Woman Magazine 2023 Award for the year's most innovative product. May, 2023.

Winner of the La Vanguardia Award for 2023's best hair treatment. June, 2023.

“One of the most sought-after supplements of the moment.”

Dermatologists recommend Olistic

Dermatologists recommend Olistic

"Medical care is shifting towards a more self-care and prevention-oriented approach, not just treatment. That's why I recommend multi-faceted products like Olistic to my patients for comprehensive hair care, whether they have an issue or want to proactively prevent one."

Dr. Claudia Bernárdez

Dermatologist, Founder AB Derma Clinic, CEO and Director of Trichology and Hair Transplant Unit.

Dermatologists recommend Olistic

"To assess a patient with hair issues, it is essential to examine with a comprehensive and holistic approach to provide an accurate diagnosis and an effective treatment to resolve the issue and improve the overall health of the hair".

Dr. Alba Gómez. Dermatologist Specialist in Trichology and Hair Transplant Rúber Internacional - Instituto Médico Ricart

Dermatologists recommend Olistic

"Healthy hair is the result of caring for our entire body. Dietary supplements are essential allies in providing the nutrients necessary to maintain optimal hair and overall health".

Marta Masi

Pharmacist and owner of Marta Masi Pharmacy

Olistic results

The unique formula created at the Olistic Research Lab has
revolutionized hair care by targeting the six key factors involved in hair loss.  See some of the results Olistic customers report after three months of treatment:

How do we do it?

A holistic, natural, and effective solution.

Olistic® fights the causes of hair loss by taking care of your overall health.

Nourishes hair
from within
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Helps keep
hair healthy
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Promotes healthy hair
and skin
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Protects against
oxidative stress
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Improves resistance to
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Strengthens the
immune system
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Infinite clients, infinite stories

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"I’ve been taking Olistic for 3 months and I immediately started to notice the results. My hair doesn't fall out like it used to. Now I have much more volume and thickness. I'm really happy with it.”

Jenifer, 47 years old 3 MONTHS WITH OLISTIC
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"My hair was falling out a lot, so my dermatologist recommended Olistic. After a few months of taking it, I’ve noticed that the hair loss has mostly stopped and my hair has regained its strength, density and shine.”

Nuria, 35 years old 3 MONTHS WITH OLISTIC
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"I started taking Olistic about 3 months ago and even though I thought the results would start to show much later, I’ve already noticed that when I get out of the shower my hair falls out a lot less."

Sandra, 47 years old 3 MONTHS WITH OLISTIC