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It is a magical elixir, I highly recommend it!It is starting a healthy habit that not only improves your hair, but also your health.What a healthy diet does for your body and your line, Olistic For Women does for your hair, your skin and your health.

So far I love it!I started the treatment 5 weeks ago on the recommendation of my dermatologist and I already notice the first results: my hair does not fall out as before and I begin to feel thicker and with more volume.

Within 2-3 months of suffering from COVID 19 in March, I began to lose my hair in an outrageous way.My dermatologist diagnosed me with Telogen Effluvium, the treatment of which requires patience.Olistic For Women has helped me a lot in the process, and I am getting my original hair back.

My hair was very fine and was beginning to thin at the hairline and crown, and my confidence was suffering.Thanks to Olistic For Men I have recovered density and thickness.I've even stopped wearing caps!

My hair has gone from thin and weak to thick and dense in the last 6 months.I really recommend it.

After 4 months taking Olistic for Men, I can say without a doubt that it is the treatment that every man with hair loss problems has been waiting for - no side effects and really effective, especially after the first 3 months.I recommend it 100%.

I had no idea that insomnia was part of menopause.I have not slept well in the last year, until a friend suggested Olistic For Women… I had my doubts, but after 7 months I have seen a substantial improvement in my well-being - I am more relaxed, I sleep better, I smile more.And by the way, my hair is shinier and fuller than ever!

In addition to improving the beauty of my hair, it incorporates ingredients that regulate hormonal changes and help me with hot flashes, insomnia and stress in general.

My entries were getting wider and I even started to style my hair in weird hairstyles to cover it up as much as possible and not show it.It was very embarrassing.After using Olistic For Women for 3 months, I see more growth and my entries are returning to their position from years ago.

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