Who we are?

Olistic is a nutraceutical brand that formulates the next-generation of natural and science backed products to improve hair health and wellness.

How is Olistic different from a supplement?

Supplements fill in nutritional gaps. Olistic as a nutraceutical provides ingredients to support hair health in a multifactorial way, exceeding nutritional gaps. Furthermore, Olistic and its ingredients separately have been clinically tested.

To ensure hair health, much more than vitamins are needed.

Olistic's unique formula was designed with 30 natural ingredients that work together to enhance the propertiesof each vitamin, mineral, amino acid, collagen, and probiotic component.  Their combined action means better results for you.


    Nutraceutical is the word that best defines us. Nutraceuticals are supplements made from natural extracts scientifically proven to enhance the body's overall well-being.


    Olistic is unique among nutraceuticals.
    It provides the most comprehensive multifactorial formula on the market, stimulating healthy hair with ingredients such as Sensoril® ashwagandha, Cursol® turmeric, SunActive® iron, and astaxanthin.


    Olistic not only prevents and slows hair thinning, but also strengthens the immune system, reduces stress and makes skin and nails healthier. Because healthy hair starts with a healthy body.