Mar 26, 2024

How to take care of your hair in winter to prevent damage


The cold is cold, like it, the challenges of winter for our hair. In this context, the best ally to resist these environmental circumstances is to have well-hydrated hair in winter.

Hydration is nothing more than a natural barrier against winter adversities.

As a dermatologist, I want to share with you essential words on how to adapt your hair routine during the winter to keep your hair well hydrated, also highlighting the importance of two nutricosmetics such as Olistic to strengthen your hair from the inside out.

Or what happens in the winter?

Low temperatures or wind and variable humidity can affect hair health in winter, making it more brittle and dry.

But our own actions in this period can also affect or improve care such as hair in winter, such as a dry environment due to the heat, sudden changes in temperature due to wearing pranchas or damage caused by cold clothing such as jackets and scarves. .

How to take care of your hair in winter?

Wash your hair carefully in winter

Opt for mild, non-sulfate shampoos specific to your hair type. If you have dry or oily hair, or sensitive hair, I recommend looking for moisturizing formulas that combat winter dryness.

On the other hand, it would be recommended to avoid or reduce the frequency of use of dry shampoo. The dry shampoo is a practical solution during the summer season to remove the accumulation of dirt and oil that cannot be washed with traditional water washing. However, as it is formulated to absorb excess oil, especially at the roots and in the hair, its use may be more likely to cause dehydration and hair breakage during the colder winter months.

Dry gently and keep your hair dry in winter.

After washing, hair with appropriate products, dry gently. To care for your hair in winter, avoid scrubbing vigorously with a towel or wrapping your hair in a towel. It is best to press it gently to absorb excess water. This simple move reduces the risk and minimizes the risk of failure.

Take advantage of the free days to allow your hair to dry naturally. This avoids constant exposure to heat and reduces the probability of thermal damage.

Use heat protectant before drying or hair will not winter

If you choose to use a dryer, always use a heat protectant before drying. This step is crucial to minimize the impact of heat on the hair cuticle. Apply the product evenly, prioritizing each point.

Use a moderate temperature, do not use a dryer.

Adjust the temperature of your dryer for moderate snow. Excessive heat can remove the hair's natural moisture, making it prone to brittleness and breakage.

Dry your hair in winter at a safe distance

Keep the dryer at a safe distance from your hair, especially if you are using hot air to dry it. A hair distance of less than 15-20 centimeters is recommended. This prevents direct contact and minimizes the risk of thermal damage.

Apply nourishing oils

Before bed, consider applying nourishing oils to provide an extra layer of hydration to your hair in the winter. Oils such as argan or coconut can be beneficial, especially in the pons, to take care of your hair in winter.

Garment or hair in winter

Avoidance is essential in the battle against the winter wind. The emaranhados cause the breakage of the hair fiber to try to weaken them . Pinning your hair may be a solution and it is best to use soft elastics such as velor, silk or fabric to avoid breakage and tangling of your hair.

Woman taking care of her hair in winter

Remove static electricity from hair in winter

The generation of static electricity does not occur when the humidity does not penetrate the hair fiber. Keeping your hair hydrated is the best way to use lidar with static electricity. An option to avoid static electricity and take care of your hair in winter is to use a humidifier to cool the heat in your home.

Take care of your health from the inside out

I know that hair health comes from the inside out. A balanced diet with adequate intake of essential nutrients contributes significantly to winter hair care, providing strength and vitality.

Nutricosmetics like Olistic are great allies to take care of your hair in winter. With a complete formula that provides vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, among others, it helps prevent the growth of healthy hair. 

Care like hair in winter: inside and out

In conclusion, winter hair care requires a combination of healthy practices and appropriate products.

With nutricosmetics like Olistic strengthening your hair from the inside out and following the instructions mentioned above, you will be prepared to show healthy hair during the winter season.

Mar 26, 2024