Aug 18, 2023

What Causes Fall Hair Loss?

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Are you starting to notice a greaterfall hair loss?

It is very possible that from the month of September you have begun to notice that you have thinner hair, that it stays much longer on your pillow and in the brush ...This happens because we enter arenovation stage, butyou know the reality about fall hair loss?

Although it is anatural and most normal processfor which we should not worry excessively, there isvarious causes that can accentuate hair loss in autumn.

Therefore, fromOlisticwe want to tell youeverything you need to know about fall hair lossand give you some tips so that you have all the information and know how to react to minimize its effects.

Are you ready to discover everything about thehair cycleand its effect on hair loss?

The capillary cycle

As we said, it is normal for hair to fall out, since it follows its own cycle; it is born, grows, falls and is born again.

Each hair follows its own rhythm, and the normal thing is that most,between 80% is in the growth phase and the remaining 20% in the decline phase, but in times like spring or autumn these ratios change, and that's whyhair loss in autumn is more pronounced.

Next, we will tell you how the 3 phases of the hair cycle work; the anagen phase, the catagen phase, and finally the telogen phase.

  • Anagen effluvium:The hair follicle develops the hair shaft.This phase usually lasts between two and eight years.
  • The catagen phase:The hair follicle enters a transitional stage, in which the activity of the follicle cells stops and they stop growing.It lasts about three weeks.
  • The telogen phase:The hair follicle enters a state of rest, and that is when those hairs begin to fall out, this stage lasts between two and three months.

The hair follicle can complete an average of30 cycles throughout life, and may vary slightly if certain conditions in particular are present.

How to prevent hair loss in autumn

If you notice more and more hair loss in the fall, remember that it is most likely a normal seasonal loss.To give you an idea,at most it should last a whole season(about 3 months), in whichYou would fall twice as much hair as you normally do.

If you have the feeling that you are experiencing a greater loss of hair or it is lasting longer than normal, consult a specialist.

From here, there are some measures that you can add in your routines totry to reduce hair loss in autumn, such as includethe best vitamins for hair loss.

Are you ready to discover them?These are the best!

Ionic and thermoprotective drying tools

Have you heard about heat protection for hair?

Surely more than once you have been told that heat is bad for your hair.If you are suffering from hair loss in autumn, we advise you to tryminimize the use of irons and dryerssince jerks and thermal aggression can increase the fall and produce adeterioration in the cuticle.

In any case, if you have to use these types of tools, we recommend that you be very careful when using them and that you always resort tothermoprotectors.

Use a suitable shampoo

It may seem like a no-brainer, butit really is something that can help a lot to reduce hair loss in autumn.

Using an unsuitable shampoo for the pH of our scalp can cause seborrheic dermatitis, which will end up weakening the hair and leaving it finer and more brittle.

Brush your hair properly

Contrary to what many people think,brushing your hair will not promote hair loss in autumn.On the contrary.The brush is a great tool to stimulate circulation to the scalp.Our trick?Always start at the endsin order to avoid breakage.

Don't go to sleep with wet hair

Although going to sleep with wet hair does not have an effect on fall hair loss, it is true that it weakens the hair a lot and encouragesthat breaks much more easily.

Thus, we recommend that you adapt your routines to be able to rest without suffering from the strength and health of your hair, while saving yourself a good constipation!

Exfoliate your scalp

Another good way toreduce hair loss in autumn is regular exfoliation of the scalp.This practice helps oxygenate, promotes circulation and removes dead cells and possible impurities that are in the hair.

It is recommended to do it once a week.

A holistic approach, the best way to prevent fall hair loss

At Olistic Science we have theformula to stop hair loss in autumn.

Olistic For WomenandOlistic for menare natural treatments to combat hair lossformulated by expert pharmacists, dermatologists and botaniststo get allnatural ingredientsthat compose them work synergistically and thuscombat both fall hair losslike all other causes of hair loss.

Aug 18, 2023
Caída Estacional