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Bridal inspiration: Semi-collected hairstyles for the wedding day

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Inspiración novias: Peinados semirecogidos para el día de la boda - Blog Olistic

Hair is one of the main protagonists on the wedding day.Right down the stretch, many brides are still undecided about which hairstyle to wear: hair up, semi-up or down?A loose mane is sophisticated and more, if the hair is shiny and well cared for.Anyway, it is normal to wantgive your hair a stylish twist for a more elaborate semi-updo by adding a veil, tiara, or headpiece.So that you do not lack inspiration, today we launch some ideas of semi-collected hairstyles of different styles (from the most classic and elegant to the most modern).

Semi-collected wedding hairstyles with headdress

TheBows are great allies for semi-collected hairstylesbride.It is possible to choose them in white, but also in different colors that combine with other details of the dress such as the shoes, the necklace or the flowers.Both with an ultra-straight hair and a curly one, with two strands joined by a bow, the hair will look elegant without being overdone.An ideal hairstyle for a bride looking for a simple, feminine image with a different point.


Victoria Ralph Hair Semi-Up Headpiece

Photograph ofVictoria Ralph HairviaPinterest


To give a touch of class to your semi-collected wedding hairstyle, another of the best options ischoose a headdress that collects your hair.There are them with dried flowers, with a comb, with semi-precious stones ...In this case, you can shape your hair with a semi-updo, a braid or the hairstyle that you like the most.


Semi-gathered wedding hairstyle with headdress

Photograph ofVictor HerreraviaInstagram


Photograph of Angelo Pantazis with semi-collected headdress

Photograph ofAngelo pantazisviaUnsplash 

Semi-collected hairstyles for brides with veil and tiara

It is possible to wear a veil both in an informal ceremony and in a more traditional and religious one.And, although it seems that the veil is disappearing, it is not andmany women still want to incorporate this element into their bridal style, whether in its most classic version or in a more current one.

In any case, to wear a veil it is necessary that the hairstyle can support its weight. A semi-updo with an accessory will allow you to keep your hair well attached.


Semi-gathered wedding hairstyle with tiara

Photograph by Tania Maras viaPinterest


If you feel like wearing a veil but not all day, tell your stylist about it.That way, you can make a hairstyle that looks good both with a veil and without it.


Sideways bride with a semi-updo and a bouquet

Photograph ofZach LuceroviaUnsplash


Another way to wear a veil is with asemi-collected hairstyle with a tiara.It can be a more formal or classic tiara or a more romantic and modern one made of dried flowers that allows you to hold the veil.


Bride with a semi-gathered and a long veil

Photograph ofNoon on the moonviaPinterest


Rear view of a bride with semi-updo and tiara

Photograph ofWattpadviaPinterest 

Semi-collected hairstyles for short hair brides

Bobs,long bobs,pixiesand the stylegarçonThey are very requested cuts in hairdressers.Despite this,many women still have a hard time thinking of a wedding hairstyle for short hair.It is true that the long manes give more play to collect the hair, but with short hair it is also possible to look semi-collected.


Semi-up wedding hairstyle idea for short hair

Photograph ofTim staggeviaUnsplash


The headdresses, feathers, tiaras, hats and other details give a lot of playwhen creating hairstyles for short-haired brides.


Girl surrounded by nature with a wedding dress and headdress

Photograph ofDayne topkinviaUnsplash


Bride with a semi-gathered headdress of flowers


Rear view of a bride in an open V dress and a flower headdress 


Bride on some rocks with the bouquet and a semi-gathered headdress of flowers 
Photograph ofOlenka KotykviaUnsplash 

Romantic semi-collected wedding hairstyles

You can not miss in this list the semi-collected romantic bridal hairstyles.Thesoft waves, moving curls and braidsThey are the standard of the romantic style.To style the hair with a semi-collected it is important to have healthy hair to be able to texture it and have volume.


Bride with her hair in a wavy semi-updo with flowers

Photograph ofAlvin mahmudovviaUnsplash


One of the semi-updos that feel best whether you have both long and short hair iscurl the hair and make braids that meet in the center, in the form of a headband.You can also add flowers or other details to your hair for an extra touch.


Bride at sunset, with open back dress and semi-gathered headdress

Photograph ofDevon divineviaUnsplash


Girl with wavy and semi-collected hair

Photograph ofDiogo BrandãoviaUnsplash


Another idea for a romantic and carefree semi-wedding updo with athick braid on one side and the rest of the hair down.


Girl seen from the side with a semi-collected braid

Photograph ofLucas mendesviaUnsplash 

The key to a bridal hairstyle: healthy hair

Hairstyle is an important part of styling on your wedding day, but not the only one.Other factors such as the strength, shine and health of your hair also come into play.With some time, you canprepare hair for your wedding dayand that it looks healthy, strong and bright.

Taking stress out of your life, eating a good diet and following healthy habits will help you take care of your hair from the inside.That way, you will have beautiful hair at the wedding (and afterwards too!).OlisticIt can be part of your daily beauty routine before the wedding, as it will provide your body with essential vitamins and minerals so that your hair grows faster and looks stronger and shinier.With healthy hair, there will be no collected or semi-collected hairstyle that will resist you.


Woman with Olistic capsules for hair care
Photograph ofOlistic

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