Sep 15, 2021

The best treatment for women's hair loss

There are many causes that answer the question “¿¿Why does my hair fall out? ”.

OnOlisticwe are absolutely convinced thatthe only way to fix a problem is by going to the rootand treating it from the base, that is why, below, we will tell you thecauses of hair loss in womenandhow the best treatment for women's hair loss helps to solve them.

  • Hormonal causes: Menopause, pregnancy and postpartum, generate hormonal imbalances in the body of women, during which the androgenic hormone DHT can affect the hair follicle.In this way, the follicle is getting thinner until it closes completely and falls off.
  • Aging: It also causes important hormonal changes, since over the years the level of estrogens and progesterone decreases, in addition to the effects produced by oxidative stress, which accumulates over the years.
  • Environmental factors: Pollution, hair-damaging products, bacteria, eventhe sun causes hair loss, ... all this produces oxidative stress, which favors programmed cell death.
  • Chronic inflamation: This type of inflammation produces 3 of the main causes of hair loss: dysregulation of follicle stem cells, miniaturization and follicular fibrosis.
  • Nutritional deficit: Keep aa balanced dietit is basic to prevent hair lossThat it incorporates all the essential nutrients and that these are absorbed correctly, it is essential that the hair follicle and the hair fibers are healthy and strong.
  • ANDyoustrés causes hair loss in women: This is one of the main causes of hair loss.When we are stressed, our body releases cortisol, which causes pro-inflammatory effects that inhibit hair growth, damage the scalp and induce catagens.

Why Olistic is the best treatment for women's hair loss

We have just told you about the most common causes of hair loss in women, and now it's time to explainhow the best treatment for women's hair loss manages to solve them all thanks to its formulation and Premium ingredients.

OnOlisitic Sciencewe are very aware of the hormonal differences between the two genders, that is why we have developedformulas with different dosesso that you get the best possible results thanks to thesynergistic action of its ingredients.

In addition, among the ingredients of the best treatment for hair loss for women there are some specially dedicated to theprevention of skin and hair agingIn two ways:

  • Protecting them from the effects of UV lightwith vitamin A, folic acid and very powerful antioxidants thatprevent oxidative stressandimprove cell regeneration.
  • Restoring the scalp and dermiswith 100% vegetable collagen and keratin.

One of the reasons whyOlistic For Womenis the best treatment for women's hair loss is yourpatented complex of high effectiveness and potencyspecially formulated forhair strengthening and growth.It is made up of 24 ingredients, including vitamins, minerals, probiotics and natural sources of essential nutrients.

Finally, we cannot forget theIndian ginseng, which balances the levels of stress hormones and cortisol.

The power of nature

In addition to the results it offers, there are many other reasons why this isthe best treatment for women's hair loss.

Olistic For Womenis designed and proposed as a product thatcares for and protects hair holistically.

To develop the best treatment for women's hair loss we have combined thescientific formulation and natural ingredientsto achieve component structures that attack each of the causes of hair loss synergistically and with the greatestsafety and clinical efficacy.

100% natural formulation and medical grade

When we say that Olistic has created the best treatment for women's hair loss, we are not saying it because.And it is that all our products are100% of natural origin, vegan and without gluten or added sugars.

Of course,they also have no parabens and are 100% toxic free, are manufactured in Barcelona (local production) and thepackaging is 100% recyclable.Can you ask for more?

Well yes, because in addition to all this, the best treatment for women's hair loss would not be if it had not beenformulated by a team of expert scientists including dermatologists, botanists and pharmacists.

In addition, to ensurecomponent purity as well as safety and efficacy, we work with the strictest quality levels, thus complying with themedical grade standards.

When do you start to see the results?

As the saying goes, things in the palace go slowly, but still being a 6-month process,within a few weeks of starting to notice the first benefits of the best treatment for women's hair loss.

The first month to use the best treatment for women's hair lossyou will noticeyour hair falls out and breaks less and is stronger.In addition, you will also improve your sleep, have more energy, a better mood and a greater sexual desire.

To the3 months, you will noticemore thickness, quantity and volume, and you will also notice that yournails are stronger and your skin brighter.

Finally, to the6 months of following the best treatment for women's hair loss, you will have thetotally healthy, dense and strong hair, you will see thatgrows much faster and is more resistant.

Olisitic Hair Growth, the best treatment for women's hair loss

As you have seen, Olistic For Women isthe best treatment for women's hair loss thanks to its unique formulation and patented by experts, 100% natural and with medical grade standards, which guarantees to restore your hair its strength, density and health.

Try it and discover how with youressential asset formula, the best treatment for women's hair losscombat the 6 causes of hair loss.And if you have questions, do not hesitate to consult ourFAQsorsend us a message! 

Do youWhat are you waiting for to buy the best treatment for women's hair loss??

Sep 15, 2021