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Do stress and anxiety affect your hair?

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¿El estrés y la ansiedad afectan a tu cabello? - Blog Olistic

Stress is an emotional disorder that, in addition to affecting general well-being, influences capillary well-being.Mind and body are closely linked, causing the effects of stress to go beyond the mind.To irritability, anxiety or sadness; physical alterations such asbrittleness and thinning of the hair, which can also lead to emotional seasonal alopecia.This generalized hair loss throughout the scalp occurs due to theweakening of hair folliclesin which the hair grows and settles and, in some cases, it can lead to alopecia nervosa.


Vicious cycle of stress on your hair

How stress affects hair loss: the scientific evidence

A recent study on the relationship of stress with hair loss conducted at Harvard Universityand published in the prestigious scientific journal Nature in March 2021 has shown that, indeed,there is a direct relationship between stress and the alteration of the state of our hair.

The researchers found that the secretion of cortisol, the stress hormone, affects the normal life cycle of hair, preventing it from regenerating at the end of the telogen phase, when the hair comes off and falls out.The study led by Dr. Ya-Chieh Hsu has determined that, although the release of this hormone does not directly affect stem cells, it does alter the functioning of the dermal papilla, which secretes a molecule responsible for activating hair growth. in stem cells.In other words, what high levels of cortisol do is alter the function of the "switch" that activates hair production.thus preventing the renewal of hair after its fall.

Solution: go to the root of the problem

Eliminating the cause, in this case stress and anxiety, would be the most effective solution but it is not an easy task.There are pactions we can carry out to reduce stressfrom day to day.

Some of the most powerful tools are:

  • Practicemeditation, mindfulness or yoga
  • Carry outexerciseregularly
  • Reducethe intake ofcaffeine
  • Take time forrelaxationand self-care
  • Ask forhelpyetprofessional, if required
  • Take anutritional supplementWhatOlisticto help you keep the stress hormone at bay.

Olistic: 4 key ingredients to reduce the impact of stress on your hair

Olistic includes in its formula 4 natural ingredients of plant origin that counteract the effects of stress on your hair from the inside.

  • Theashwagandha(Withania somnífera), also known as Indian Ginseng, mitigates segregation and balances cortisol levels improving the hair growth cycle.
  • Theplant collagenreplenishes collagen depleted due to stress.This ingredient is essential for hair as it is responsible for giving it structure, strength and resistance; in addition to combating stress and thus hair loss.
  • Thevitamin D, also known as the sunshine vitamin, supports and strengthens a stressed immune system.Recent studies have shown the relationship between hair loss and vitamin D deficiency.
  • TheturmericIt has also been linked, through recent studies, with the reduction of stress levels.In addition, curcumin - the active ingredient in turmeric - reduces the harmful effect of the DHT hormone linked to hair loss in men and women.The anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial effects help hair grow healthy and strong.

    Olistic anti-stress ingredients

      The Olistic composition is carefully thought out to selectnature's most effective active ingredients to strengthen hair and combat the main causes of hair loss from within.Thanks to the global approach of its composition, it not only nourishes the hair from within and reduces oxidative stress, but also fights stress by reducing cortisol.

      Start your treatment with Olistic nowAnd, with just one drinkable dose a day, you start to see results in just weeks.


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