Sep 17, 2021

How to prepare hair for the wedding day

With the wedding date closed and the invitations on the way, the bride begins a path towards self-care with the aim of shining with her own light on the big day.Hair is one of the great protagonists.

Having a healthy and shiny mane on your wedding day means taking care of your hair long before.Unfortunately, there is no magic treatment that recovers damaged and fragile hair in two days.The good news is that by following certain recommendations we can see changes in just weeks.Today we share ourplanning to get to the wedding day with a healthy and strong mane:

  • 6 months before- Start working on your hair well-being
  • 3 months before- Make important decisions: cut and color
  • 1 month before- Choose your stylist and your hairstyle
  • 2 weeks before- Deeply hydrate your hair
  • 1 week before- Only final touches
  • Wedding day- Enjoy your day.


    Start working on your hair well-being

    Taking care of the well-being and health of your hair from the inside takes time but the results are spectacular and long-lasting.Now is the perfect time to start fighting each of the causes that we already know have negative effects on our body and especially on our hair.Starting now to take care of your diet or combat the stress that is exacerbated by the wedding preparations is key to achieving the goal.

    Your best ally at this time isOlistic.By just taking one drinkable dose a day, you will provide your body with all the power of 35 vitamins, minerals and other natural active ingredients that have shown spectacular results in hair care.In just weeks you will notice greater density, stronger and shinier hair.At 6 months, your hair will grow faster, it will be much more resistant and you will also notice the results on your skin and nails..



    Make important decisions: cut and color

    3 months before the wedding day is the time to decide if you want to change the cut and / or color of your hair.Any change can have effects on the hair, so it is advisable to do it 3 months before.This way we will have time for the hair to adapt or recover.

    If you want your hair to grow as fast as possible for the wedding, the trick is to cut it about 7 or 10 weeks before.It will also help you avoid split ends and frizz.

    On the other hand, if you decide to change the color of your hair, you should bear in mind thatcertain types of coloring can cause adverse reactions or dry out your hair.Choose a color that you already know or that contains natural pigments.In any case, if something goes wrong, you will have more than enough time to return to your original color.



    Choose your stylist and your hairstyle

    There is only one month left and the wedding day is imminently approaching.At this point, all color and cut tests should be done.Avoid making drastic changes to your hairand try to save your impulses for change for later.

    Meanwhile, browse the work of stylists, ask friends and acquaintances for recommendations, andselect the stylist who knows how to work on your hair type and understands your personal style.Ideally, make an appointment in advance to explain what you have in mind, receive their recommendations and do some tests.



    Deeply hydrate your hair

    If you started the Olistic treatment 6 months before, by now your hair will look healthy, strong and with greater density.Even so, we can perform cosmetic hair treatments that will enhance the natural beauty of our hair.

    Make themoisturizing treatment at your trusted hair salon or hair salon.These treatments make your hair receive the necessary nutrients in the hair follicle, restoring its moisture, hydrating it and making it shinier.



    Make the final touches

    Each hair has its own needs.If you have very visible gray hair, a week before the wedding you cando the color retouchso that it looks perfect on the wedding day.Maybe you also needpolish split endsor do thefinal hairstyle testwith your stylist.

    It is important that, to avoid last minute surprises, you take all the accessories you want to wear to the hairstyle test: veils, tiaras, barrettes, crowns, bows or flowers.This way you will have a global vision of how it looks and your stylist will be able to assess all the setbacks that may arise during the placement of these accessories.



    Enjoy it!

    The day has come and, be that as it may, it is your day.Now it's time to let yourself be taken care of by your stylist, hairdresser, makeup artist or friend.Trust the decisions you made earlier and, as much as possible, remain calm.Let nothing and no one spoil you this day.

    Deep down, all this comprehensive planning of recommendations to take care of your hair for your wedding day has exactly that objective: thatWhen the time comes, and thanks to the effort made from the previous 6 months, you can put all the worries about your hair aside to enjoy everything else.

    Start now a natural, comprehensive and long-term treatment such asOlisticIt guarantees you to have thicker, stronger, healthier and shinier hair not only on your wedding day, but every day.It is a commitment to your natural beauty, not only your hair but also your skin and nails.


    Sep 17, 2021