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How to avoid hair loss in summer

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Cómo evitar la caída de pelo en verano - Blog Olistic

Hair loss in summer is not an eventisolated. In most casesit is the consequence of a combination of factors that are affecting your health and general well-being.In some ways, it is a red flag that reminds you that something in your body is not quite right.

The good news is that we have plenty of options to protect your hair in summer during these hot months.The important isbe aware that everything in our body is connectedand that we must take care of our hair in summer not only from the outside but also from the inside.

Why does hair fall out more in summer?

Healthy hair generally loses between 50 to 150 hairs per day.This is the amount of hair that you find on the brush, the pillow, or that you fall when you shower or brush.This loss is normal and has to do with the final phase of the hair's life cycle.

the rise ofhair loss in summer is intrinsically linked to the final phase of the hair growth cycle, the telogen phase.

The seasonality of the hair life cycle

The life of a hair is divided into three stages that begin when the hair follicle generates new hair until it falls out:


    1. Anagen or hair growth phase:it is the active phase of the cycle.The cells of the hair root divide rapidly and form new hair by pushing the hair up the follicle.Approximately 85% of our hair is in this phase.

    2. Catagen or transition phase:When the hair reaches the end of the growth phase, it goes into a transition for about two weeks where growth stops and the outer root sheath shrinks and adheres to the hair root.Only 1% of the hair is in this phase simultaneously.

    3. Telogen or resting phase:it is the final phase of the hair's life.It lasts for about three months and in it, the hair is shed from the scalp to give way to new hair and let the cycle start again.Normally between 9 and 14% of the hair is in the telogen phase, but the studies carried out so far indicate that this percentage is not constant throughout the year.The results obtained in the studyActinic telogen effluvium: a facet of human chronobiologyshowed that this percentage of hair in the resting or falling phase increased up to 20% between the months of July and October, making hair loss more evident.

     Much remains to be studied about the exact causesof this seasonality of hair loss but is related to exposure to solar radiation, high temperatures or hormonal changes, among others.

    Hair Life Cycle - Olistic Blog

    How to protect your hair in summer from the outside

    Knowing that certain environmental factors related to temperature increases in summer can affect and worsen hair loss, protecting hair in summer (between the months of July and October) is especially important.


    1. Protect your hair and scalp from the sun's rays

    Ultraviolet radiation can cause increased oxidative stress, shortening the hair growth cycle and destroying the immune cells that surround the hair follicle.In the same way that you protect your skin with sunscreens, protect your hair from the sun's rays as well.Wear a hat or cap, avoid peak sun hours, and use products with a UV filter in cream or serum.

    2. Wash your hair frequently

    Even if your hair is wet from sea or pool water, it does not mean that you should not wash it.Following good hair hygiene is essential to keep it healthy and prevent salt or chlorine from weakening it.Of course, avoid using products with sulfates, alcohols or parabens.

    3. Moisturize your hair

    Dry hair tends to break and fall out.To keep it hydrated, you can condition it often with hydrating products like hair masks.

     Four.Avoid direct excess heat on your hair

    Try showering with warm or cold water, hot water dries out skin and hair.If you can, do not abuse the dryer, the irons or the tweezers, as they attack the hair.If at any time you have to use them, remember to apply a capillary thermal protector first.

     5.Strengthen your scalp

    The scalp must also be cared for and, therefore, we recommend hydrating it to keep the impact of stress that causes premature aging at bay.You can do gentle massages with natural oils.

    How to care for hair in summer from the inside

    As with the skin, we have many options to protect the hair in summer from the outside but also with very good options that will strengthen the hair from the inside.AHealthy eating, keeping stress at bay or ensuring hormonal balance is as important as using a good sunscreen to protect your hair in summer.They are factors that also directly affect its strength, density and growth.

    Thus,from Olistic we always promote a healthy life as the true key to having and maintaining healthy and strong hair.There is no cosmetic trick that can match the effect of mind and body wellness on your hair.It's not magic but it seems like it.

    Even so, we know that summer is a time when eating habits change and it is common to lose good routines.Stress also reappears with another focus: work no longer worries so much, but travel, family, school vacations ...

    The current pace of life makes it very difficult to design a diet with which to get all the vitamins and nutrients necessary to guarantee the well-being of your hair and also keep stress at bay.It takes a lot of time and consistency to get it ingredient by ingredient.

    This is the raison d'être ofOlistic.Combine in a single product all the nutrients that have been shown to be effective in strengthening hair, fighting the main causes of hair loss.a: aging, hormonal changes, stress, nutritional deficit, inflammation and other environmental factors.

    With just one drinkable dose a day, you can improve the nutritional intake, reduce the micro-inflammation of the follicle, promote cell regeneration that supports the scalp and combat the effect of excess androgens on hair loss, among others.

    A complex and very complete formula specially designed to stop hair loss, whatever the cause that generates it, and protect it when environmental factors such as high temperatures can weaken it.This summer, go further in your hair health: protect your hair on the outside and inside.

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