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How to take care of your hair during and after the summer

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Dr. Sebastian Podlipnik

Associate doctor of the Dermatology service of the Hospital Clínic de Barcelona and in the Diagnosis Dermatológica clinic.

Cómo cuidar el pelo durante y después del verano - Blog Olistic

After the summer and sunny days I often hear people comment that their hair feels drier, finer and more fragile.Most of these people have protected their skin from the sun, also their eyes but not their hair.The consequences of prolonged exposure of hair to the sun are still somewhat unknown.That is why today we discuss in this blog how to take care of hair during and after the summer.

The outer layer that covers the hair is a keratin structure that, in good condition, provides shine and softness to the hair.This cuticle works as a protective layer for the entire surface of the hair but is sensitive to external effects, both physical and chemical.Excessive sun exposure is the most common cause of structural deterioration of the cuticle that protects hair.

Effects of the sun on hair

The hair after continuous sun exposure undergoes aphotochemical deteriorationdue to the loss of proteins and alterations in its pigment.

Protein loss is caused byUVB radiation.After being absorbed by the hair fiber proteins, it alters its structurecausing increased brittleness and breakage of hair, loss of elasticity and, in general, loss of strength.

TheUVA radiationInstead, it is responsible for destroying hair pigment through oxidation.The sun's rays act in a similar way to bleaching hair, not only changing the tone but also dehydrating it..The result is adull, brittle and less shiny hair.

Radiation absorption and degradation impacts onthe production of free radicals that also affect the keratin of the hair.This keratin protein makes up 90% of the cortex of the hair and its main function is to maintain the structure of the hair resistant, giving it a silky appearance.If this complex structure is damaged,hair is dull, brittle and brittle.It is also one of thecauses of hair loss in summer.

Sun and scalp cancer

Exposure to the sun without protection can cause changes in the skin and serious diseases such as cancer.Although hair cancer does not exist, we must bear in mind that it does affect the skin of the scalp.

A malignant mole or melanoma can also appear on the scalp from chronic sun exposure. The sun activates the melanocytes that produce the melanin that gives our skin its color.Over time, melanocytes can acquire mutations and generate malignant cells developing melanoma.

Prevention, protecting ourselves from the sun, andearly detection of this type of melanomaallows 99% 5-year survival of patients to be achieved.

How to care for your hair during and after the summer

Avoid exposing ourselves to the sun in the hours of greatest intensityOr, at least, not doing it for long periods of time is a guarantee of health not only for the hair but also for the skin.

But if in a certain situation we are exposed to solar radiation there iscertain precautions we can take:

Apply on your hairspecific protectors with SPFof hair.These products work the same as the protective creams that we use on the body, protecting our scalp from UVB and UVA radiation and thus avoiding possible inflammation of the hair follicle.Also, many of them include moisturizing ingredients that help repair hair.

Cover your head with a hatwide brim or cap.On the beach, always use an umbrella.

If you go to the pool, avoid getting your hair wet.If you do it, keep it for a short time and rinse it right after with clean water to remove chemicals such as chlorine.

In your day to day you can also integrate routines that will help maintain a healthy scalp and hair are, for example,gently massage the shampoo into the scalpduring washing.When you rinse out the shampoo, let it flow through the entire length of your hair and resist the urge to rub it into your hair.

It is also advisableuse conditioner after each shampoo.While the shampoo only cleanses, the conditioner provides different nutrients to the hair that protect it and make it look healthier.

Antioxidants, one more step to take care of hair during and after the summer

Antioxidants are compounds capable of delaying or preventing cellular damage caused by free radicals.Certain habits, such as sun exposure, stress or tobacco consumption, cause the appearance of these free radicals.

When our body generates free radicals in response to these habits, apremature cellular aging that will manifeston our skin in the form of spots, wrinkles and skin fragility; andin our hair, with loss of color and capillary fragility.

Integrating the consumption of antioxidants in our diet is another powerful way to protect our hair from the adverse effects of the sun.

These powerful molecules arepresent in a multitude offoods for hair lossof vegetable origin: citrus, nuts, carrots, tomatoes, garlic, green tea, cocoa or broccoli; but we can also find it innutritional supplements of 100% natural originWhatOlistic.

The composition of this nutraceutical is designed for specific hair care and places special emphasis on antioxidants.Among its ingredients we can find powerful antioxidants such as astaxanthin, vitamin E and Resveratrol.

As demonstrated inrecent studies on the influence of antioxidants on hair sun protection,these types of ingredients protect cells from oxidative damage and the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation.They are, without a doubt, a powerful complement for the protection of the scalp and hair.


It is important to be aware of the effects of the sun on the scalp and hair and to introduce healthy routines to protect them from the external effects that can alter and damage it.

To combinethe application ofphysical sun protection measuresand provide adiet rich in antioxidants is the way to healthy hairboth before and after the summer.

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