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How does the sun affect the health of your hair?

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¿Cómo afecta el sol a la salud de tu cabello? - Blog Olisticic

During the summer the hair is subjected to constant exposure to ultraviolet radiation from the sun, to contact with sea salt or chlorine in swimming pools.These factors can affect the well-being of your hair just as they do with your skin.

Small doses of sun to protected and cared hair do not have great effects butprolonged unprotected exposure to hair that is already weak in base can increase its fragility, dehydration or cause loss of color.


Main sun damage to your hair

Hair is chemically composed of water, lipids, keratin, minerals, and pigments.Many of these elements can react after sun exposure, modifying the appearance of the hair.Some of the most frequent reactions are loss of hydration, damage to natural keratin or oxidation of the hair.

Loss of hydration

Lipids nourish and shine hair, generating a film that protects its entire surface.This outer cuticle, made up of scales attached to each other, maintains the hair's structure and prevents moisture loss by keeping the hair well hydrated.

When the cuticle scales are damaged by, for instance,from exposure to UVA rays they separate leaving the inside of the hair exposed and thus losing the interior moisture.The result is porous, dry, dehydrated and dull hair.

Damage to the natural keratin of our hair

The cortex of the hair is composed of 90% protein, specifically keratin.This keratin protein forms long chains of amino acids that intertwine with each other creating a flexible coil.This composition of keratin chains is what provides resistance and elasticity to the hair.

Under prolonged exposure to the sun, these keratin bonds can break, leaving hair dull, brittle and brittle.

Hair oxidation

Hair, like skin, also oxidizes from being exposed to solar radiation.This oxidation process is natural and occurs when atoms and electrons change their composition and generate a surplus of oxygen.

Due to sun exposure, this oxygen can react with hair pigments and produce a mild bleaching effect, changing the color of the hair fiber..This is a natural reaction that alters pigments in both colored and non-colored hair.The result is a rusty orange, yellow or red color.

In addition, when there is oxidation, the hair fiber becomes more porous, permeable and brittle, generating greater fragility and weakness of the cuticle.


How can we protect hair and scalp from sunlight and oxidation?

To protect your hair from the effects of UV rays and oxidation, the key is to care for your hair all year long and protect it from sun exposure.We share with you some recommendations to take care of your hair in summer that will make a difference in your hair this summer:

  • Limit sun exposure and protect your hair from the sun withhats or sun sprays.
  • Avoid bleachinghair before the holidays.
  • Hydrates hairmore than ever with hydrating masks.
  • Rinse hair withcold water.
  • Wet hair withsweet waterbefore and after entering the pool or the sea.
  • Avoid dryers and irons.
  • Keep ahealthy diet rich in antioxidants and beta-carotenewhich will make the hair fiber more resistant to oxidation.
  • Introduce into your routine aspecific nutritional supplement such asOlisticthat nourishes your hair from the inside, protecting it from sun exposure.

Protect your hair from sun overexposure from the inside

Protecting hair from oxidation and UVA rays is key to ensuring its health and well-being.For this reason, in the composition of Olistic we have included theOxidative stress Blend, a combination of powerful antioxidants based on Astaxanthin, Resveratrol and vitamin E that actreducing oxidative stress, improving scalp cell regeneration and protecting hair from free radicals.

Another key ingredient to protect hair in summer is the protein compound ofplant-based keratinspecifically developed to reinforce the hair structure.

Now withOlistic, you can protect your hair with specific natural ingredients that counteract the harmful effects of the sun.And so, take care of your hair all year round to enjoy it more than ever in summer.


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