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Discover Olistic Science Black Friday

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Black Friday

TheBlack fridayis just around the corner, and with it the starting signal is given to the Christmas shopping season.This part of Christmas, while precious, can be quite stressful due to all the work and organization that it takes.

OnOlistic scienceWe want to help you live these weeks leading up to Christmas with the least possible worries.Therefore, we join Black Friday and offer you abig discount so hair loss is the last thing you have to worry about.

Do you want to know why Olistic will be your best ally to wear ahealthy, strong and shiny hair?Read on and find out why you should take advantage of our exclusive discounts for Black Friday!


What is the cause for hair loss?

This is surely a question you've asked yourself often over the years.Science tells us thatthere is no single factor that causes hair loss, but there are many factors that cause it or that can accelerate it.

For this reason, at Olistic we wanted to find a way to offer amultifactorial and integrative response, which will include solutions for each of the causes of hair loss and this Black Friday we offer it exclusively with a35% discount.

And it is that androgenetic alopecia and telogen effluvium are bothcauses of hair lossmore common in both women and men, and both phenomena find their origin in both intrinsic and external factors.

  • Intrinsic factors: We are talking about aging, pregnancy, hormonal fluctuations, genetic predisposition, emotional stress, nutritional deficiencies ...
  • External factors: These are factors found in our environment, such as pollution, exposure to sunlight, bacteria and fungi, an excess of toxins and some beauty treatments that can end up damaging the hair and scalp.


What is Olistic?

Olistic is the first100% natural treatmentthat helps to stop hair loss in both women and men.

 Pharmacists, dermatologists and botanists, experts in hair health, have developed and formulated thisstate-of-the-art nutraceuticalthat offers an answer to each of the causes of hair loss.

The best of all?Its drinkable format.In addition to tasting delicious, it is the best way to maximize nutrient absorption and the most practical way to take it.


Olistic For Women

The best ofOlistic For Womenis that its 100% natural formula has been designed and formulated to specifically and synergistically tackle themain causes of hair loss in women.

It is a nutritional supplement that, thanks tovitamins and mineralsthat contribute,slows down hair loss and boosts its growth.In addition, due to its high content of antioxidantsimproves density and intensifies shineof your hair.Finally,reinforces the structure of your hairthanks to vegan collagen,thus reducing brittleness and breakage.

This Black Friday,invest in yourself, trust Olistic and get your hair back with a35% discount.


Olistic for men

Just as Olistic For Women is specifically formulated for women,Olistic for menit is a nutritional supplementdesigned exclusively with human characteristics in mind.

This 6-month treatment is the best solution for hair loss thanks to itsexclusive blend of 35 minerals, vitamins and other active ingredientsthat effectively combat hair loss in men,without altering testosterone, since it is 100% natural.

On Black Friday enjoy a35% discountand rediscoverthe strength of your hairwith Olistic.


Why trust Olistic this Black Friday

There are many reasons why, this Black Friday, is the ideal time for you to start taking Olistic and discover all that its exclusive formula can do for your hair.

As we mentioned, this anti-hair loss treatment has been formulated from35 highest quality natural ingredients, which act synergistically to nourish and revitalize hair from within.

Our commitment to your well-being goes beyond hair health, so everyonethe ingredients we use are available in nature, are vegan and do not contain any medications.In addition, they have been selected after an in-depth study that has offered us scientific evidence that demonstrates theirsuitability to treat hair loss effectively.

Another reason you should take advantage of ourblack friday discountand give this next-generation hair loss treatment a try, is that it offersmedical grade quality; We work with the strictest quality levels (Good Manufacturing Practice, ISO 22000) and the best specialists to ensure thehighest levels of safety, purity and efficacy.

This Black Friday, invest in your health and well-being, trust Olistic Science to restore the beauty and strength of your hair thanks to its unique multifactorial formulation that helps combat the main causes of hair loss.

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