Feb 10, 2022

6 ways to combat stress hair loss

Hair loss due to stress is very common.In fact, it is the second most important cause of hair loss after genetic factors that can cause it.

It is very possible that,It occurs as a result of an acute interruption of the growth phase (anagen) and results in severe hair loss..The stress that we have suffered due to the global health emergency situation has had many consequences for our physical and mental health, and, of course, it has also ended up affecting our hair.

We know that this situation can generate even more stress, which will translate into further hair loss.But don't worry, because today, sinceOlistic, we bring you6 tips so you can combat stress hair loss.

What causes acute telogen effluvium or stress hair loss?

Thetelogen effluviumIt is an alteration of the hair growth cycle caused by, among many other things, stress.

This phenomenon occurs when there ismany hairs that are in the growth phase go directly to the fall phaseor telogen.

Therefore, it is normal that around 85 percent of our hair is in the anagen or growth phase.And the remaining percentage will be in the telogen phase, where it is simply at rest, preparing for its eventual fall.

However, when undergoing a lot of stress, whether physical or emotional, these proportions change drastically, and that is when a large number of hairs suddenly enter the telogen phase, andafter a few months, hair loss occurs due to stress.

It is important that you do not confuse telogen effluvium with normal hair loss.We all lose a few hairs every day andthe most normal thing is that you notice it more when you wash it.

But if lately the loss is much greater, and you think it is a case ofhair loss due to stress, do not suffer, then we give you6 tips to improve this situation and reverse its effects.

How to combat stress hair loss

The first thing you should know is thatstress hair loss is not a permanent condition; your hair will grow back as it was when the cause that is bothering you disappears.We know that it is something that can greatly affect the perception of oneself, butwe assure you that it will grow again.

And to prove it, from Olistic we give you 6 tips to help youreduce this stress hair loss situation.

A balanced diet rich in foods with collagen and biotin

Include in your dietfoods rich in collagen and biotinIt will help you fight against stress hair loss.And is that a balanced diet rich in biotin and collagen not onlyit will improve the appearance of your hair, giving it shine and silkiness, but are also essential components to have astrong nailsand oneyouthful, elastic and smooth skin.

Foods with vitamins A, E and C, your best allies against stress hair loss

Do you know what thebest vitamins for hair loss?

Before we told you that a balanced diet is key to avoid hair loss due to stress.And that is why it is vital to take into account the vitamins that improve the condition of the hair.In this case, we recommend thatinclude foods rich in vitamin A, E and C.

These vitamins will ensure that yourscalp is much more resistant,will prevent hair from drying outhey will return yourbrightnessandelasticitynatural.

Release tension by exercising regularly

One of the best ways to reduce tension, and therefore stress hair loss, is by doingexercise regularly.Doing some sport daily makes our body releaseendorphins.

These hormones act as natural painkillers and help us relax,thus reducing our anxiety levelsand therefore,hair loss due to stress.

Make time each day for activities that make you feel good.

Find a few minutes a day topampering your mind and body is essential, and we assure you that it will have an incredible impact on your mental health.We are not talking about great things; have coffee with a friend, take breaths, take a hot shower ...

We assure you that this is one of the most pleasant ways tocombat stress hair loss.

Get a good night's sleep to avoid stress hair loss

Stress has hundreds of triggers, and the discomfort caused by lack of sleep is one of the main ones.

For this reason,sleep hygiene is vital to your health, physical and mental.To regain healthy sleep habits and fight stress hair loss, we recommend that you try to create a sleep routine; an hour before sleepingleave all screens off,read a book,meditate or take breaths...

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Feb 10, 2022