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Natural hair loss treatment for men and women

Take control of the health of your hair

New scientific evidence and multifactorial approach

Innovative hair treatment with an integrative approach based on the health of the hair and the well-being of the whole organism.

35 premium ingredients in a single daily drinkable dose

Revitalize your hair health care in a single daily drinkable dose that includes all the essential ingredients and is taken in a practical, easy and comfortable way.

Formulated by pharmacists and dermatologists

The unique and innovative Olistic for Hair solution has been developed in collaboration with expert pharmaceutical formulators and leading dermatologists in hair health.

100% natural ingredients

Drug-free, 100% natural and vegan ingredients that act in an integrated way to revitalize and nourish the hair from the inside, reinforcing overall health.

Clinically validated efficacy

The efficacy of our ingredients has been validated and supported by scientific evidence and clinical studies .

Top quality, honest price

Exclusive new generation treatment formulated with the guarantees of maximum excellence and quality at an honest price, demonstrating our commitment to improving health care.


Dr. Claudia Bernárdez

Hair growth is a multifactorial and complex process , that's why I only trust products like Olistic to help my patients with their hair growth in a natural and non-aggressive way.

Dr. Claudia Bernárdez

Dermatologist specializing in trichology with a cum laude doctorate.Coordinator of the master's degree in trichology and hair transplantation.

Dr. Sebastian Podlipnik

I recommend Olistic to my patients, as an excellent option to care for hair naturally and with a multifactorial approach.

Dr. Sebastian Podlipnik

Associate doctor of the Dermatology service of the Hospital Clínic de Barcelona and in the Diagnosis Dermatológica clinic.
Dr. Constanza Riquelme Mc Loughlin

The Olistic formula, based on natural ingredients, acts effectively on the different causes that produce weakness and hair loss.

Dr. Constanza Riquelme Mc Loughlin

Associate dermatologist of the Dermatology service of the Hospital Clínic de Barcelona and Centro Médico Teknon.

Recomendado por las celebridades

“Con Olistic, noto mi cabello más sano y más energía en mis entrenamientos.”


Empresaria & Influencer

“Olistic es vitamina y pura vida para las raíces. Por fin he recuperado la fuerza de mi cabello.”



“En plena cuenta atrás para el día de mi boda, confío en Olistic para lucir un cabello sano y bonito.”



“Con tanto viaje, siempre me había costado cumplir con tratamientos capilares. Hasta que encontré Olistic.”




After trying Olistic For Women, my hair has regained its pre-pregnancy volume and shine .Also, I feel like it grows faster and stronger!

Thanks to Olistic for Men I have regained the same hair that I had fifteen years ago - denser and thicker , and much stronger in general.

Olistic For Women has not only helped me with hair loss due to all the hormonal changes associated with menopause - my skin is much more hydrated too!